Day One: Misty Morning

Based on the food already, I am staying 😉  It looked so good I forgot to grab a picture before tucking in, but I had a traditional Guatemalan breakfast that tasted amazing.  I suppose I’ll have to have another one tomorrow so you can see (for your benefit you understand).

A quick ‘good morning’ – it is misty around the volcanoes so they are hidden for now and we are preparing to head off to a local study centre to talk about the scheme of work we are developing before a Mayan language workshop in the afternoon.


This fella is around the hotel a lot, not sure what it is called locally, but I think its latin name it Earlymorningus alarmicus


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  1. sophhunter says:

    I am extremely jealous. From Maya😀 P.S. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures very much… Will you see a Mayan temple?? 🗿


    1. MrPetts says:

      We are indeed – we are travelling to one in a couple of days, and next week flying up to the rainforest to visit Tikal.


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