The longest day

Good evening, er, afternoon, er, morning……. I have no idea.   It is 21:30 as I write here in Antigua, that’s 05:30 UK time; to say it has been a long day is an understatement.  It’s a text-only update I’m afraid, as I when it was light, I was travelling and when I got here it was dark, so no photos.

Following a relaxing breakfast, we (me and a teacher from near Manchester called Mark) headed off to the airport for the long flight.  About half an hour before departure we bumped into the tour organiser, Diane, and two other travellers in the group, Jen and Wendy.

The flight took over 11 hours, but was bearable, mostly because there was a tablet per seat that streamed films and so I got to watch three movies (including Star Wars: The Force Awakens – woo hoo!).  It was the car journey at the other end that was more…interesting.  I think the national sport of Guatemala is seeing how many times you can change lanes whilst driving closer than 40cm to any other road user.

We are staying in Antigua for three days and the workshops start tomorrow.  Pictures then, I promise.


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  1. Roger says:

    That car journey sounds hairy!!! Hope the weather’s good.


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