A Real Superman

Forget Batman or Superman, this is a real superhero:

This is Igor Xoyón, principal of My Melody School.  We visited there this morning to see the amazing work he and his staff are doing in providing education, healthcare and support to Maya children who live in poverty.

It resulted in a rollercoaster of emotions as we learned about his background and life, his aims, the lives of the children outside of school and what he has achieved in the last 10 years at My Melody.  It is something I will be sharing during an assembly when I get back.

We then met the children and spent a few hours seeing their lessons and play, and what a joy that was.  From the age of three, they are given extremely high-quality education and grow up with skills in reading, writing, maths and many other curriculum areas that will hopefully allow them to break out of poverty.  As we had learnt a little Kaqchikel yesterday, we tried it out on some of the kids, and they thought it was very funny hearing us speak the language that they are learning alongside Spanish and English.

The visit touched us all in so many ways today.  Diane is looking at setting up a UK-based charity that can pass funds on directly to the school, as foreign money can only come through Canada at the moment.  It would be great to be a part of that when that is done, seeing the impact that the school has on these children’s lives gives such a purpose in wanting to help in any way possible.

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  1. Elizabeth Kroeker says:

    My friend and I were able to visit the school and also bring some supplies from Toronto in 2010. We were so impressed not only with the school but the dedication of Igor to this cause. We continue to make donations. Only through education can one escape poverty.

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  2. Stella Hansen says:

    My name is Stella Hansen and I live in Vancouver Canada. You all are amazing, on your first trip to Guatemala you have seen so much of Guatemala. I started volunteering in Guatemala with a group called Medicos En Accion 10 years ago. I am a nurse and we did medical missions up in Panajachel visiting little villages etc…Last year I told Igor to come up to Vancouver and I raised $15,000 for Melody School. I love Guatemala except for their water. We usually station now in Antigua and
    work out of there. Igor is an amazing young man, he taught himself Kachekal from a library book and you should ask him about the ruins close to Melody School whereby he can be your guide and you will see
    his Kachekal writing on a slab at the entrance to the ruins.
    He really needs your help and I am so glad that he found you all. Igor is a unique person who loves his simple lifestyle and willing to give up all that he can get as an engineer in Canada to move back to Guatemala and start My Melody School. He has my admiration. Please continue to
    send me your blogs as I am interested in your travels and your charity.
    I also love travelling and I have volunteered in Kenya and Liberia. Thank you for sharing.

    Stella Hansen

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  3. Yes, Igor is a hero. We in Canada having experienced My Melody School on a build in February, with the dedicated group GiveGetGo, are thrilled that there may be another sponsor in the offing to support this extremely fine endeavour.
    Guatemala is an amazing place with charming resilient hard-working people. The indigenous peoples are very talented and determined to succeed by bringing their own skills into a new age. I had discussions with a number of artisans in the beautiful Antigua and purchased some very beautiful treasures.
    i do hope that your initial experience will lead to many more.
    Igor, his dedicated staff, and the beautiful bright children will really appreciate it.

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    1. MrPetts says:

      We heard a lot about GiveGetGo and were very impressed with your construction! What a huge contribution you guys made, superb.


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