Slow, Slow, QUICK QUICK!

What a change of pace for the morning.  It began with a rather zen moment by Lake Atitlan as you can see:

Morning Scenes-4-4

I watched the fishermen for a bit:

Then we left for the jetty to catch a boat to San Juan La Laguna….it started with a ride on a Tuktuk, and then a speedy boat ride over the lake with the locals.

Morning Scenes-5-5 Morning Scenes-6-6

I want a Tuktuk; I’ll be scouring Ebay when I get home to see if they’re available.  What a fun way to get to work.

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  1. Tom says:

    Beautiful image, fallen in love with the place yet? have been wanting to organise a big overland Tuk Tuk race if you’re in?


  2. MrPetts says:

    TukTuk racing sounds awesome. I must admit to looking up their price when I got back to the hotel….

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