No Dogophant Glyph

We started our time in San Juan La Laguna at the art gallery of Antonio Coché where several artists produce and sell their work.  The styles were varied, but all shared vibrant colours that created a wonderful wow factor as soon as you saw them.  Deeper viewing allowed us to explore the Maya themes of life, food, religion, family and much more.  We couldn’t photograph the work, understandably, so you will have to take my word for it when I say it was wonderful and engaging.

Art Class-4-10

We got to try out our artistic talents on a variety of styles under the guidance of Diego, Antonio’s son, painting on canvas with oils – not something I have ever done before.

Art Class-11-17

I went for a glyph, Mark the volcano from a photo he’d taken that morning, Jenny a flower abstract and Jen make up her own composition based on the colours from the Maya Day Ceremony.

As in everything Maya, maize played an important part and the baskets present were inspiring with their variety of colours.

Art Class-1-7.jpg

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