Volcanoes and Fusion Food

We saw the volcanoes in Santiago Atitlan when we woke up, and in Antigua at the end of the day.  Spectacular, immense and jaw-dropping.


In between this there was a rather fun boat trip.  It started off calm, but the wind got up and it got a little choppy, with the spray entering the boat.  To avoid getting soaked I dived into the bow area where the bags were and most of the water went over me.  Not so good for a few of the others as they got soaked.


It did seem quite comfortable laid out in the front of the boat, but I soon discovered that was because I was creating a new culinary experience:

  1.  Get the hotel to make classic sandwiches with local bread, cheese and ham for lunch to eat later in the day – the Guatemalan element.
  2. Put them in the front of the boat and get an oblivious Englishman to lay on them for 20 minutes whilst being rocked on the waves – the British element.
  3. On serving, serve with cold stares and humble pie.


We’ve been treated to some wonderful views today, and I am sure I saw a plume of smoke from a volcano – can you spot it in one of these shots?

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