Tikal all the time in the world

We are alive!!!!!

Tikal Day 1-81-81

Seems that rainforests and wi-fi don’t go together very well.

Well, we had a 3:30am wake-up call so we could catch a flight to the Petén region to see the big one – Tikal.  It was a short flight, and we saw the volcanos near Guatemala city at the start and Flores just before landing, the last place the Maya held before being defeated by the Spanish.

It was then an hours drive to the reserve, and a stop off half way at a local store allowed me to sit by the road for half an hour and watch the local life go by – my favourite thing to do everywhere we have been.

We then entered the reserve, and in a break from familiar road signs, it seemed that this whole rainforest malarky was sure going to be a new experience.

After we checking into the Tikal Inn, we went exploring. Diane led us around the outskirts of the site, avoiding the Main Plaza – she was saving that for a sunrise surprise for Wednesday.  Yet again, she proved that having a personal professional archaeologist to guide us round was invaluable as she talked us through each building, stelae and answered any questions we had.

We also got to see a lot of the wildlife (and heard a lot more that we saw) – something I know the children will be very excited to see.  How many can you name?

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