Tikal 2…..and …action

So the time came for the most-anticipated part of the trip when I first saw the schedule.  However, that time was 03:30 in the morning, in the rainforest, in complete darkness with no electricity!  Talk about setting the scene for the experience.

Thankfully there was coffee waiting in the hotel lobby before we headed out, torches in hand (well, on heads mostly) and into the noisy blackness – what a walk!

First stop was the Main Plaza where we climbed Temple II.  Using long exposure, I got the shot I used as a teaser in the previous post:

Tikal Day 2-14-1

I did like the silhouette, however I wanted some detail.  Due to packing/weight/space restrictions, I haven’t brought my flashes and remotes on the trip, but had a brainwave.  Diane had a new head torch that was surprisingly powerful, so I asked to borrow it and swept it over Temple I for the next shot and got this:

Tikal 2-40

I am very proud of this one indeed, it captured the moment perfectly.

We then strolled over in an ever-increasingly loud setting (the howler monkeys sounding like T-rex’s, quite unnerving) to Temple IV to watch the day arrive.  It was cloudy, so we were denied a sunrise, but were nevertheless treated to seeing the environment wake.  The nerds amongst you may know that this viewpoint was used in Star Wars: A New Hope at the end of the film as Yarvin, the planet from where the rebels launched their attack on the Death Star.  I did whistle the Jedi Theme a fair few times 🙂

Tikal 2-34

We then returned to the Main Plaza where Diane led us through each of the buildings and their history, utterly fascinating as always.  I stopped behind for an extra half hour as the others headed back for breakfast and was fortunate to have the entire plaza to myself – something that will stay with me forever.

Tikal 2-31

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  1. sophhunter says:

    We have absolutely loved following this journey with you – thank you SO much for your generous sharing. Looks like a truly amazing adventure. Safe travels home.


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