Yesterday was quite a day: we got up for the early morning daybreak tour of Tikal, trucked further to see Uaxactún, moved a fallen tree, travelled back to the airstrip to fly back to Guatemala City…..

So this morning, on our last day, we had a gentle stroll around a couple of museums in Guatemala City to allow our minds and bodies to recover a little.  I was made up as I got a badge that made me feel special:


It doesn’t take much 🙂

The first one we looked around focussed on the history of textile production from ancient times up to modern methods used in the country.  It was great to see how much we had picked up first hand in San Juan de La Laguna, and got further knowledge on the importance and scope of the huipil – the traditional garment worn by the Maya that identify their home village.  I got a great classroom resource on this that we’ll use.

It was then onto Museo Popol Vu – a short walk over a courtyard, or if you are Mark and Wendy, a dance.


Here we saw a wealth of artifacts that, again, consolidated our understanding of so many of the aspects of the Maya we had experiences in our time here.  It was particularly good to see the murals from San Bartolo again, a special link to Diane and the work she has done in the country.


I took a lot of photographs of artifacts and models that link to many areas that we are going to cover in the unit of work, here are a few:

One more meal, one more taxi ride and a flight awaits ……

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