It has been a week since returning to the UK, and the trip remains in my thoughts every day.  It was truly a wonderful experience and something I will be revisiting in the future; not just in class with the learning, but I hope to return to Guatemala at some point.

A large part of the memories are made up of the people I travelled with, a mixture of ages, interests and personalities, but we bonded so well throughout the journeys we took that we departed with sadness, but hope to reunite in the future.



A fellow teacher: hard-working, caring, kind…all the skills that make the best educators.  She was so excited about the possibility of riding in a Tuk Tuk, although when we went on the back of a pick-up truck into the jungle I thought she might explode.  A true adventurer.


One of the few photos I managed to grab before she stuck up her thumbs 😉


A true traveller.  I think I may have badgered her a little too much with questions, but I was just fascinated about all of the places she has visited and worked in from Argentina, Hong Kong, to India (somewhere she has really inspired me to visit).  Alongside her knowledge of flora and fauna, she kept me intrigued throughout.


I just love this picture of her artwork – it perfectly reflects the care and interest she takes in life.


I knew that I was going to be sharing a room with another teacher, and I am so glad it was Mark.  He kept me smiling every day and sharing all the experiences with him was important, it wouldn’t have been half the trip otherwise.  Seeing him with the children at My Melody school showed what a superb teacher he is, I can only imagine what a fun and engaging class he leads.


He hates having his picture taken, this was the first one I took.


What can I say about Wendy?  She’s a unique person, and it was a joy to travel with her.  I’ve not met a person who is more insightful of others: she feels things with such caring accuracy that is only bettered by her welcome frankness.  Her one-liners are simply the best.


She wanted me to take a picture of the back of her head – I am glad I got this one.


The trip organiser, group leader, archaeologist, translator, cultural expert, dog-lover, cocktail-encourager and overall superstar.  The energy and passion from Diane translated into everything we did and everyone we met and to say she created the experience of a lifetime would be a huge understatement.  If I ever get the chance to go on another of her trips I will break my back in order to make it happen!Final-1

This picture sums her up perfectly.

Visit her site 


One more person that contributed considerably to our trip was Eduardo, our driver.  He bent over backwards to help us get around, often turning up at unsociable hours to ensure that we had the experiences that resulted in long journeys, early starts and taking care of cowboy boots for days on end!  Thank you.


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  1. Mark Woolley says:

    An outstanding blog Richard. Your photos are amazing. Thank you for being part of this incredible experience.


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